Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Reflections on our symposium

We had a great day on Friday. I'd like to thank all those who presented for their time and energy; there was a real buzz about the day. We had over 130 people register an interest and 110 attendees. It was telling that one of our external speakers asked whether there was a three-line-whip on attendance - the view was that without a stick why were so many people at the event. My view is that it reflects the commitment of our staff to enhancing the learning and teaching experiences that they provide, and that we have such strong and reinforcing networks of practice.

We have lots to celebrate in terms of innovation in the curriculum and the extension of our learning and teaching environments. When added to the broader work that our staff are engaging in, we have some sector-leading developments with technology-enhanced learning, and I am proud of our successes both within our Pathfinder project and beyond.

The presentations will be uploaded here and you can view Lawrie Phipp's exploration of informal learning already. However, if you attended a session please consider commenting on the outcomes of the sessions you attended, at: http://dmupathfinder.blogspot.com The blog postings are indexed/tagged with keywords, in the format Keynote1, Workshop1, Workshop2 etc., so you can find them in our list of tags/entries.

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