Friday, 9 May 2008

Fuss FM

I spent some time with Rob Watson from Media Production, over in the School of Engineering this morning, checking out Fuss FM. there are some great work in and taken by level 3, Media Production students on their Advanced Radio Production module, in project managing and delivering a radio station for two weeks, including scheduling, preparation, co-managing the technical infrastructure etc..

I got sent there was a real partnership in operation between Rob and students, and between the students who were managing particular airtime slots. Some of the great learning development work includes:

  • The students blogging on blackboard as part of small teams, including the project management team, the licence compliance team, the audience research team and the editorial team;
  • The students taking responsability for a number of key areas of research and development for FUSSFM, with a draft performance management review that enables them to identify and review the work theyhave undertaken, and give them an opportunity to reflect; and
  • A final, evidence-based, performance management review, designed to assess the level of achievement that students have made in this module. This review will be based on evidence of activity and reflection provided by each student in the form of a detailed, multi-part questionnaire. This questionnaire asks the learner to rate the tasks and responsibilities that s/he undertook as part of the project, with an assessment of how improvements secured a greater level of effectiveness and competence as the project progressed.

Rob intends to produce a showreel, to highlight the success of this story. It demonstrates the great mix of creative technologies and creative pedagogy, designed to inspire students as co-owners of a project. I look forward to reading more about this, and interviewing Rob as part of a podcast about the success of FussFM.

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