Thursday, 15 May 2008

Google: mobile browsers are dead

No, no. Read the title again, Google is not saying Mobile internet is dead but rather mobile-specific browsers are dead. Mobile phone manufacturers will be using lite versions of the mainstream browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari (Apple iphone).

What does that mean to every Joe Bloggs in HE? Well not much visually, but every web designer and developer will sigh with relief that this means that web pages will not longer have to built from scratch again specifically for the array of mobiles phones/PDA's only. But now the main browsers will need to be targeted: currently there only 3-4 main contenders, Internet Explorer being the behemoth.

I had written a piece on the blog in February regarding how the iPhone had changed the face of mobile browsing forever. The article below further confirms on...



Google claims that every phone manufacturer will offer full web browsers within a year, hailing the end of mobile-specific browsers.


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