Thursday, 15 May 2008

Highpoint Symposium - Workshop - Multimedia in the curriculum

Here is Jon and Richard's offering! They handed their piece in, better late than never:

Aim of this session is: to introduce the use of video as a learning resource and present / discuss some of the strengths and weakness of its use.

At the end of this seminar: you will have raised awareness of the approaches to the use of video as an educational tool and understand some of the pitfalls to be avoided.

The staff presenting the workshop have experience of both the practical and technical issues that are required to successfully use video as a learning resource.
They will use a variety of video clips obtained with their owners permission to demonstrate various approaches in the use of multimedia in the student arena.

The session will consider three categories of video use replacers, augmenters and suplementors. The interactive discussion will address what makes for a good video and what steps can be taken to avoid the pitfalls.

You will be entertained by the dynamic nature of the materials presented.

Jon Tyler & Richard Chipps


Viv Rolfe said...

This was a great session and the main points for me were 1) keep it simple, 2) aim for the best sound, and 3) how not to film yourself with a palm tree growing out of your head.

Jane CD said...

Great session with some good tips. Main message for me was that "fit for purpose" is what we should aim for. It does not all have to be professionally produced. Good news when I am working with tutors taking short video clips on a Digital Camera in village halls etc!