Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Highpoint Symposium Workshop 5: Mobile Technologies in the Classroom (and in the field)

Over the past year we have been involved with an HEA Pathfinder project entitled ‘Rapid Reaction and Response’ or R3. The key focus of the project has been to examine the effective use of in-class mobile technologies to support formative assessment and feedback. From the student perspective we examined the role of immediate feedback in the classroom to help students focus their learning on areas of weakness and reduce misunderstandings. From the staff perspective we felt that the immediate feedback would help staff understand student misconceptions and adapt their teaching practices.

We have used a range of technologies including Tablet PCs, Wireless Data projectors, Electronic Voting Systems, audio tools and in-bound text messaging.

During the workshop we will give a brief overview of the project and look at some of the staff and student feedback. We will also provide opportunities to try out some of the technologies and will include a short exercise to develop an Electronic Voting System activity. In addition to providing comments / feedback in advance of the workshop via the DMU pathfinder blog feel free to text us on 07624803109 using dmu as the first word of the text.

Tim Linsey and Andreas Panayiotidis

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