Thursday, 15 May 2008

Highpoint Symposium - Workshop 7: 7. Student engagement and motivation with Web 2.0 tools

"Harish Ravat, Mervyn Dobbin and Miles Weaver (BAL) will lead a discussion about the need for a change in our e-learning practice in HE, in light of student expectations and the rise of web-based tools like Facebook, and YouTube."

So this will be a student-chaired session on the interface between social and academic tools. Should make for interesting discussion around the fusion of formal and informal learning spaces and networks.

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jane clarke said...

I really enjoyed this session - particularly that it was student lead - and the way in which the participants were open about their own learning. However I would like to explore the more subtle reasons for undertakeup of new tools, and also a more detailed assessment of what works when and why