Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Shall we Flock?

I was playing Scrabulous and happened to notice an ad for Flock. The ad had a nice look-and-feel - I'm a sucker for representative icons - and it quickly became clear that for those of us who buy-into the pulling power of social networking/sharing sites the Flock browser is a pretty exciting development because it aggregates services like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, blogger, WordPress, del.icio.us and Mag.nolia. Flock's flockers argue that "The more you use these key services that Flock supports, the better your [Flock] experience will be."

The privacy policy and terms of service stack-up in terms of openness and transparency, with some opt-outs. It's also been validated by commentators and Masheable's open web awards.

So I'm looking forward to engaging with this browser, to tie my use of YouTube, Blogger, Facebook and MySpace together into a Personalised Social Environment, and to test out Flock's claims that: "
Flock makes sure you don't miss a thing. Be informed when:
  • Your friends post photos or videos;
  • Your favorite sites update content; and
  • You have new messages and site notifications"

1 comment:

Steve Mackenzie said...

there is only one thing to say flockadoodledastic.

Well i can think of a few others, but we'll save that for after the watershed