Friday, 1 February 2008

DMOS Wiki – Ever expanding

Jon P from Data Management writes...
Originally DMOS (Data Management and Operational Service) wanted access to a Wiki so we could put together a knowledge base for the all new HESA2007 return. For previous HESA returns we have relied for documentation on several folders, lots of web sites, many Word documents, Excel and Visio diagrams. A Wiki, we thought, could bring all of the new knowledge together, and make our lives easier. Thanks to Richard we got our wish and we were successfully wiki’d up.

From a slow start we are now all using and adding pages to the HESA area, but things have snowballed. The Wiki has expanded from documenting the HESA return to documenting more of our DMOS processes, including: Training, ADS, QLS V4, Enrolment. I have also now added a DMOS Forum and a DMOS Blog to the Web 2.0 team, but we are yet to really use them in anger.

If that is not enough we have had to change the Area name from DMOS to Registry as the Web 2.0 word has spread, and I have been asked to add Content Areas for the other Registry Departments. Soon there will be wikis for Timetabling, SESD, Exams, Awards and all the other Registry departments. These will go live once I have met with Richard to iron out the House Rules and set up a general Registry Help Forum.

I am expecting there will be lots of imaginative uses of the new resources and I am hoping that being able to involve the whole team in the process of documenting a procedure will draw out not only better documentation but also better procedures.


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