Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Learning Technologies Conference 2008 - A belated synopsis

This annual conference has its place in most people’s diary who may be even vaguely interested in Learning Technologies (LT). It draws a substantial crowd from various major blue chip companies and various other sectors from around Europe. The conference is renowned for bringing in inspirational speakers from the LT arena and I along with a few other colleagues from DMU duly attended hoping to come away with some golden nuggets to work on for the forthcoming year. I however somewhat underestimated the event; I came back with a van load of nuggets, and thoroughly enjoyed nearly every session. There is only one little issue I had with the overall management of the conference was the lack of decent wireless Internet access, which impeded somewhat my intentions of live-blogging from each session to the Pathfinder blog. So I had to resort to the good ol’ notepad and pencil, and now type some of the comments and ideas I picked up and found useful, which may also benefit others, no doubt.

For brevity, I’ll provide only two of my favourite sessions at the conference, as typing them all up now would perhaps take me a life time (Hmmm, needing a transcription software?). However, when the recorded video of the conference becomes live on the Learning Technologies website, I will provide links on the blog/wiki for others to benefit.

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