Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Nintendo DS shows educators the future

I attended Donald's session at the Learning Technologies Conference 2008, and found his address to be very entertaining packed with light-hearted humour and insightful judgements.

The below is a post taken from Donald Clark's excellent blog - Plan B.

Nintendo DS shows educators the future
Consumer e-learning goes global
Over Christmas something quite extraordinary happened. E-learning became a global consumer phenomenon. Nintendo has been THE global success in games this year with learning product. So how did Nintendo do what educators have been trying for eons to achieve (unsuccessfully)? Simple, they went back to some basic principles in the psychology of learning around motivation, goals and spaced practice. They realised that one-on-one content, that becomes addictive for the learner, played a little but often, is the way ahead in learning. In designing a game that appeals to all ages they’ve literally created a massive consumer-led e-learning market.



Steve Mackenzie said...

Hi Mohhamed,

Have no experience of Nintendo gaming, but moving on from your wii posting, recent articles on wii and anecdotal evidence, I get the feeling that the nintendo device, wii technology and similiar devices can are all MASSIVE IMPACT educational tools.

Steve Mackenzie said...

ps: I concur - Donald Clarke - Great Blog

Suki said...

catching on, can't beat them join them! Now that's a headline!