Monday, 4 February 2008


Couple of links that suggest maybe that the era of m-learning could be coming of age.

The mobile web takes off
Why i miss my iphone

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Mohamed said...

Thanks Steve for posting this. I've scanned the articles behind the links and this is what I've got to say to all:


Take this from an ex-mobile phone sales man, I kid you not, the iPhone is one helluva device. I've had it one weekend and I'm totally hooked. Yes, it has some small niggling issues (which Apple have demonstrated recently that they are committed to refine over time), but overall I'm left smitten. No TV ads nor reviews can actually express the experience, you really need to get your 'paws' on it to really find out what's it really like.

I'd like to add that I'm not talking about the aesthetics here (although it is very beautiful) I'm talking about function - the iphone is very intuitive and we (as the pathfinder team) need to be prepared for students (and staff) to equip themselves with this very trendy devices when prices start to drop.

I'm wanting to write my thoughts on using this device and what I percieve may be uses to HE students, hope I can find some time soon.

Best wishes,