Friday, 18 January 2008

WP3: Podcasting - Progress Report January 2008

All 9 podcasts in Pharmaceutical Microbiology have now been published for use by 2nd Year MPharm and the accompanying lecture course has finished. Despite predictions, attendance at the live lectures did not suffer as a result of the existence of the podcasts; indeed it was better than in the previous academic year.
A final online, anonymous student feedback questionnaire has been completed by 107/111 students in the cohort who have given their evaluation of the podcasts and the ways in which they have watched them. In addition, a second focus group meeting of 9 student volunteers has been held to elicit more feedback.
Only one of the 107 respondents claimed not to have watched any podcasts and all the feedback from the remaining 106 respondents has been very positive. Most students watched the podcasts or PCs/laptops directly within Blackboard, rather than subscribing or using a mobile device.
The findings of this project are being disseminated through a series of DMU workshops and international conference presentations.

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