Thursday, 31 January 2008

WP1: PG Cert HE session - part 2

Okay, it's day two and we are really focused upon wikis and blogs, and the key issues raised in-class follow...
  • How can we use wikis for formative assessment. Simon got his students to answer issues in Health Care Management in week 15 - he took them through how to use them, and over the next week in groups, in-class they engaged with the questions more deeply, and provided feedback to each other. Some embraced the task by creating new pages, others by posting comments on a single page. Time in-class and (student) self-management (setting up rules) were critical.
  • How do we separate out group and individual elements in the assessment process?
  • How do we validate "perfectly scripted" answers? Here the technology/presentation vehicle is irrelevant.
  • How do we ensure a good conceptual grasp at levels 1, 2, 3?
  • Blogs are great for reflective logs, with shared/peer/mentor critique.
  • Can we use assessment in these tools to engage students in the learning process, through self-management/peer assessment?
  • How do we build tasks that stimulate critical literacy?

    Developing rubrics for peer-assessment is critical.

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