Tuesday, 29 January 2008

WP2: Leaders and Managers

The main areas of work under leaders and managers focus upon 3 areas.
  1. Mapping the fit between interventions that involve a mix of technologies (namely blogs and multimedia) and personal engagements, in particular focus upon institutional coaching for team leaders. This is run by Vincent Cornelius at DMU. We intend to interview both Vincent and some coachees, in order to understand the impact of these interventions on team leaders.
  2. Development sessions with Senior Managers in each faculty, bring them up to speed with the contextualised, local implementation of Web 2.0 technologies. So far, five sessions have been held, and an evaluation paper is to follow. This will connect to a paper on reward and recognition for academic leadership in e-learning.
  3. Development sessions with Teacher Fellows, in order to assess the impact of Web 2.0 technologies on the growth of pedagogic research. So far, two sessions have being held and another will follow on February 14, and an evaluation paper is to follow.

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