Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Currys stops selling analogue TVs

OK so this particular post (below) is not entirely about the pathfinder or e-learning but it interests me how technologies that existed for decades are being 'pushed-aside', and how this digital revolution which we're all going through at the moment is changing almost everything that our parents may have done. I think there will be at a point in the future where I'll be having a conversation with my new-born (who's only 4 weeks at the moment) that there were such things as Televisions which occupied a whole area in our living room. I bet he'll chuckle the way we do when we are told the computers as powerful as modern mobile phones used to take entire rooms! Where are we headed!!!! - [musings from a very humbled Mohamed]


Parent company DSG International suffered poor sales at Christmas Currys, Dixons and PC World are to stop stocking analogue televisions and will instead promote "integrated" sets with built-in digital Freeview tuners.


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