Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Work-package one-beginnings.

This is Henry Jenkins on digital media and learning. This could be usefully used along with other clips posted here(or similar) in our beginning discussions for work-package one: that is, with staff on the Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. The notion of students becoming 'de-skilled' inside the classroom is an interesting one as is the metaphor of shining a light into a dark cave to discover the contours of a new landscape.

We met today to explore how we might take work-package one further.

We have an early opportunity to engage with some of these staff (an e-learning session on June 27th (day 2 of a 3-day block) as part of the first module on the PGCertHE. We've decided that some kind of investigation into usage of and perceptions about Web 2.0 technologies prior to the session would be useful so will ask a few questions via e-mail and also ask them to engage with at least one of the technologies E.g. by accessing blogging software to write a short blog (or blogs) on a given topic.

The Jenkins clip(or similar) will be shown on Day 1 of the module with a view to promoting discussion about facilitating learning 'outside' the seminar room or lecture theatre.

Other topics we touched on..how far we are able to link project developments with an assessment on the PGCertHE; wider current institutional requirements about e-learning and the place for Web 2.0; follow-ups..how to sustain continued engagement outside designated e-learning development sessions.


Richard Hall said...

I like this clip - short and to the point. It chimes with some of Prensky's work on gamer-cultures [c.f. Don't bother me mom - I'm learning!], which argues for bringing technologies AND gaming principles into the classroom. The latter include quick feedback, collaboration, buildng emotive/intrinsic value and decision-making. I would be interested in running this by the PGCert HE students.

Pam said...

That's good, Richard. I agree..this is short and punchy with much food for thought.