Thursday, 7 June 2007

News Items relating to the DMU Pathfinder project

Dear all,

I've been musing lately whether to start emailing round some interesting stories or articles that may interest members of the Pathfinder project, however now due to having the blog, I think this would be a great place to start posting items - I hope you all agree?

Anyway, I think I'll start here with my first posting.

Today, I found a link to the BBC Newsnight programme that discusses a little about the perils of Web 2.0.

You may view it here.


Nick Allsopp said...

in the spirit of cooperation here is a link to a funky little video on YouTube about Web 2.0
What is interesting is the amount of comment this has created and the creative ways in which they are being expressed - showing a level of intertextuality not always seen in this type of discussion.

Steve Mackenzie said...

hi Mohamed,

yes i read a similar article in the Daily Mail on Saturday morning by A.N.Wilson - Reviewing the same book 'the cult of the amateur: how today's internet is killing our culture and assaulting our economy" by Andrew Keen - it is worthwhile keeping in mind the negative side of the things.