Thursday, 7 June 2007

Too old for networking?

Interesting article I recently came across about a journalist in his middle ages trying to 'social-network'.It's interesting that he finds that he can't make much friends due to his age. For me it certainly dampens the idea of having such a thing for staff at DMU as most of us are past the juvenile ages....or are we?



Steve Mackenzie said...

To old - Absolute poppycock. a few thoughts are
1. Let friendship grow out of natural interests.
2. Join a network for a reason/ purpose
3. Don't force it let it happen naturally.
However, it does no harm to introduce yourself and your interests to new members of a network and be pro-active and participative in contributing to nwetowrk activities. Somerthing along thelines of 'put something inand you'll get something back'

Pam said...

No, I used to think so but got over that-useful if you're a writer, definitely.