Sunday, 10 June 2007

Another Digital Resource

Well Nick you have started something now. Another resource for teacher training. Just to say that it all these resources are probably best deployed after preparing the way via discussion. For the non-technical it might be overwhelming. The point is that all this web2.0 stuff is not that hard to implement. If teachers truly want to use these tools and help their students lack of technical knowledge will not be a good enough excuse for me. That said we all need guidance (and time to learn) on these new emerging technologies.

Many thanks to my friends at Insync, Kassy and Jane for bringing this to my attention via the blog thoughts on live online learning.

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Richard Hall said...

I loved the t-shit slogan, "I don't have attention deficit, I'm just not listening".

It's the "facts" on these webcasts that are chastening. How can professional development engage staff to engage students?