Sunday, 22 June 2008

Brief thoughts on Blended Learning Conference 2008

Definitely an international feel at the University of Hertfordshire with plenty of food for thought, including interesting keynote from Peter Goodyear in Australia, focusing on current research in learning designs. As already mentioned by Richard, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication are using wikis for personalised student profiles and cvs that can be used beyond university life. I would think this very useful for placement students, who could potentially create vlogs and podcasts linked to their experience in the workplace. Another interesting contribution from Andrew Middleton focused on digital media for providing student feedback. Malcolm Andrew (DMU) presented on his podcasts in Pharmaceutical Microbiology. The four students who participated in the Q&As, provided a realistic and candid view of attitudes and use of the podcasts.

Reflecting on our own paper, The impact of read/write web approaches on the curriculum priorities of PG Cert HE students (Richard, Pam, Heather), there was a good deal of interest and some helpful comments. Julie Hughes (Wolverhampton), for example, suggested giving participants the time to fully formulate their action plans on paper first, recognising that people may be reticent to post publicly for critique (initially at least). Also a query about our constructivist approach - perhaps we could incorporate more scaffolding? One thing we thought we might have explained better was how this all fits in with our particular institutional context (elearning focuses more on embedded co-ordinators and ‘champions’, rather than a team of learning technologists as in some institutions).

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