Monday, 30 June 2008

Blade376 on Blended Learning and 21st Century Education

Well, you know, there's a nice, you know, video put together by Blade376 about his experiences at the Blended Learning Unit conference. I blogged about this last week, but Myles' vlog is part personal diary and part exploration of progressive pedagogic engagement. Now it's, you know, a long piece, but it shows you how the medium (YouTube) can be used to engage "real people with real views". The comments and community that develop around Myles' vlog and that maybe envelop his vlog shows how connections can be developed and strengthened and help users evaluate and build their own literacies.

Stick to the end, because there is a great exploration of how Web2.0 and versioning is meaningless to current digital natives - are we are trying to force 21st Century tools into our world, rather than engaging with its power for our students?

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The full version of the talk, which includes the Q and A session, can now be found at:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3