Monday, 3 September 2007

Dissemination II: e-Learning Newsletter

It's been a dissemination-related week - on Friday it was pageflakes and the aggregation of our blogs. This week its internal dissemination though our annual e-Learning Newsletter. This year the newsletter is Web 2.0-related, in order to pump-prime some of the work we are planning and to foreground other dissemination events for our Pathfinder. The articles will appear here over the course of the session, and they focus upon:
  • creating true podcasts;
  • assessing blogs;
  • e-portfolios;
  • project-based wikis; and
  • Second Life and level 1 exploration.
Overall, this is part of work-package 7: dissemination, and to that end we have also had copy accepted for our intenal DMU staff newsletter, DMYou. Alongside our e-learning email groups and faculty-based development sessions, we hope that this will enable us to build awareness and prepare the ground for actual implementation within and across the curriculum.

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