Friday, 31 August 2007

Tagging stuff

We have created a dmupathfinder account to enable us to bookmark relevant resources. It is viewable at: We're tagging away in order to understand what vocabularies and ways of tagging emerge. At the end of the project we'll try to capture the themes, developments, redundancies and affordances of this approach.

We are also trying to capture all of our relevant web material in one place. It isn’t possible to get our blogs/wikis within Blackboard fed into a single external site. However, we have created a site in pageflakes:, which houses:

  • DMU Pathfinder-related blogs
  • 5 blogs we think we should all keep in touch with regularly
  • DMU Pathfinder bookmarks
  • DMU Pathfinder tag cloud, which you can search for relevant/related sites
  • Relevant reports
We intend to monitor the impact of this approach on our project management.

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