Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Free Beer

I had a great two weeks in Cornwall - lots of sun, walking, cycling, reading, and ale. Now on the latter point you should check out the St Austell Brewery's Free Beer link-up with Tate St Ives. This is a real Web 2.0 approach to beer, and a pint of version 3.2 of their Free Beer is really rather nice. Not too flowery [man I hate flowery, hoppy ale], with just enough bite at the sides of the mouth. As the St Austell Brewery website declares:

"The recipe and branding of FREE BEER is published under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-ShareAlike2.5). This gives permission for anyone to use the recipe or create a derivative to brew their own FREE BEER and to use the design and branding."

Things I like:
  1. the Creative Commons license for this beer;
  2. its link-up between a brewery and a Gallery - a nice and unusual partnership.
Things I dislike - the Brewery web site declares in its legal page:

"No links to this site may be included in any other web site without St Austell Brewery's express written authorisation."

I can't be bothered writing to them so I can't give you the Brewery link, but you can always Google.

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Mohamed said...

This reminds me of a viral campaign that took the web world by storm last year called openCola; by first distributing the drink in a conference and then publishing the Cola recipe online.