Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Work-package 1: update

In work-package 1 we are working with new lectures on the PGCertHE programme in order to investigate their current knowledge and usage of Web 2.0 technologies with an aim to promote developmental strategies to support them in using Web 2.0 technologies for teaching and learning packages.

In June, we met with half of the cohort as part of the first part of the module of the PGCertHE, Planning to Teach and Study. New staff were encouraged to participate on a separate blog, Reflections: Web 2.0 in learning and teaching.

Here we have posted a selection of video-clips as stimulus for initial discussion about Web 2.0.

A three-hour e-learning session, designed to build on and progress from these initial discussions and to furnish means of building enhanced institutional knowledge of Web 2.0 and development strategies, is programmed into the activities of Day 2 of this module. Feedback has been very positive.

A product from this is the setting-up of a group wiki in which participants can set up a pedagogical e-learning action plan and, in true collaborative sense, comment on those of others!

Next week, the same occurs with the second half of the cohort, and the above process will be repeated.

Watch this space!

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