Wednesday, 5 September 2007

ALT Conference Nottingham

Hi all,

I'm currently writing live with a wireless Internet connection from a symposium at the ALT-C 2007 in Nottingham.

Here are some quotes from the debate that is currently taking place before me "Just where are institutions going with e-learning?" that some people reading this blog may find interesting:

Re Pathfinder Projects

"Getting funding from bodies enables room for risks..."
Where as central funded projects may not allow such opportunities.

"However many-a-time with these 'time-constrained' funding, lots of innovation is produced, however no long term sustainability strategies are not in place to embed it in the institution"
So year 2 and 3 must be thought of in the first few months for projects to succeed.

"We've now seen lots of repositories, VLEs, Wikis, and blogs, what we need now is leadership in course design and programme design, so not tell people how to do things but provide frameworks and models in course design and programme design".

Will try and post more from the conference if I get an oppurtunity (and Internet connection).


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