Sunday, 19 October 2008

Institutional Use of Web 2.0 Tools

Some interesting points made on the Epic blog about introducing Web 2.0 tools. Sensible, but I wonder whether we are better off ignoring 1 [Engage your policy makers from the very start] and just doing it anyway. Let custom and usage hold sway - a truly democratic approach, as befits the extension of civil society that is the read/write web. As for 4 [Pilot the use of social media tools initially on a small scale using cheap, readily available tools] why introduce your own tools rather than letting people aggregate and congregate their own spaces on the web? I know, I know, IPR, data protection, SPAM, but doesn't creating your own spaces negate the power of 8 [These tools (and their use) are always evolving so see the entire process of adoption as an ongoing pilot ] and 10 [The value of social media tools can far outweigh the risks ]?

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