Tuesday, 8 April 2008

MacArthur and Lift: resources on Web 2.0

Having presented at the Plymouth e-Learning Conference last Friday, and having been videoed in the process, I fancied spending a bit of time searching for other on-line conference presentations. I want to get some tips to inform what we will be doing at our e-Learning Symposium on 16 May, and also to see what else is out there on participation, agency, inclusion and enfranchisement in the read/write web.

I particularly like "The MacArthur Series on Digital Media and Learning", which explores "core issues facing young people in the digital world." The material on Civic Engagement and Games appeals to me. I'm also very taken with some of the 20 minute [max] presentations from the LIFT conference that "to inspire and connect an open community of doers and thinkers exploring the social impact of new technologies".

This area of the social impact of new media is under-represented in traditional e-learning research, especially within HE. I'm looking to extend my own thinking on agency and self-efficacy on-line, and issues around participation to an exploration of social anxiety and inclusion. Email me if you want to chat about this area of research, or collar me at Northampton, SoTL, PRHE, BLU or SOLSTICE.

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