Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Informal learning dilemmas

just a few issues arising for me from today's conference sessions related to informal learning:
  1. emergent technologies are connecting and generating more users and data, and are building capacity for informal learning. This is changing the interface between informal and formal learning. How do we support this development? How do we empower staff to accept these changes? How do we empower students to use them effectively in their learning and assessment?
  2. how do we help staff and students make best use of emergent technologies?
  3. should we help them? How do we restructure professional development to meet this need and build opportunities?
  4. does it matter if individuals opt-out of formal learning through social networks?
  5. do technologies have affordances for people with different learning styles? Are they used in different ways by different "types" of people? What of social anxiety?
  6. can we use the informal nature of Web2.0 tools to enhance feedback?
  7. how do we enable students to capture their informal learning formally?
  8. is email a formal technology and Facebook more human? How does that impact educational relationships?
  9. How does the raft of commucation channels impact upon our "contractual" relationship with our learners? If something cannot be tracked do we leave ourselves open in student grievance procedures?
  10. If Web2.0 tools generate identities that flatten hierarchies and breed familiarity, is staff-student relationships in them a problem?
  11. How do we build tasks that help students to enhance literacies using Web2.0 tools in informal contexts?

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