Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Online 'time' for teens...'good'

A BBC report see here.

Communication now increasingly digital it is now vital that these skills are developed - (and they are being developed younger with the toy/game industries already constantly exploding us with new 'toy's & 'accessories') We more a less have come to the point that to complete a HE course successfully access to these 'technologies' are required. The market is not just for the 'social and leisure' scene - its in the learning zone too... I can see though how young learners don't want us (teachers) to step into their social online spaces and we should respect that. We need to ensure that if we are to take advantage what these 'online spaces' allow us to do that we clearly define how 'we' are to use the tool and for what purpose. This has been discussed before - but the basics fundamentals of how and why, bundled with expectations of any 'method' and 'tool' needs to be understood by all those participating for the desired outcome.

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