Monday, 25 August 2008

new name

Okay, so our Pathfinder project is over, but our work goes on. Julia in Art and Design suggested that we rename the blog to Learning Exchanges, and we liked that so here we are. In the near future we will be moving the blog to WordPress and hosting it locally so that we have more control and can move our work forward with plug-ins.

We intend to use the new site to showcase good and innovative practice in using technologies in the curriculum. So if you have some examples, email us at

We also have a new project funded through the HEA e-learning research observatory call for 2008/9 , called
"Connecting Transitions and Independent Learning: an evaluation of read/write web approaches" [CoTIL]. In essence the project, with our Transitions Team and NIACE, will be looking at the use of Web2.0 tools with new students, as they engage with academic life and transitions into HE. We'll keep you informed of how this one goes.

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