Wednesday, 11 July 2007

First Project Board meeting

Our first Project Board meeting was held yesterday, and left me feeling confortable with what we are attempting to scope and develop in this project, and its relevance to both internal an external agendas. I have a list of things to do, which is always a bonus:
  1. a few edits to key documents, like adding some stuff on CAMELs to the Project Plan for the Steering Group;
  2. chasing-up our invite to the DSU to sit on the Project Board;
  3. collating a document that sets out our communication plan [i.e. the differences between our various blogs, the role of the wiki and the CAMEL]. On this, I'll be meeting with Alan Brine and Steve Mackenzie about Pageflakes;
  4. work with Tina Barnes-Powell in Art and Design about developing a case study for WP2;
  5. contact the University of Chester Pathfinder team about WP3 [Malcolm, this one's for you!!]; and
  6. pop over to see Sally Smith, Team Leader in ISAS, about WP4 [with Alan Brine], to explain what Web 2.0 work we are planning with Library Services and that we might mirror in ISAS.
Our external friend, Terry Mayes, mentioned that the scope of our project is quite broad for one year. We discussed that the project would need to work in a focussed way [with specific teams or technologies] across a broad front. We noted the need for each WP team to base-line current practice, so that we can look at impact for each WP area. We also highlighted the possibilities for scholarly outputs from the project: articles; conference papers; and books.


Richard Hall said...

I can't spell comfortable... :>(

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